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A day at Grandma's

Yujin is spending the day at her grandmother’s house. She is busy, and there are many fun things to explore! But from dawn to dusk, she thinks about—and misses— her mama at home. The day seems long, until she’s home . . . and happy again in her mother’s arms.

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Could you lift up your bottom?

A large elephant sits on a frog’s red hat. The frog asks the elephant to lift his bottom up. But first, the elephant requests foods of various shapes. This fun story helps readers learn about the different types of plane figures.

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Math at the Art Museum

Do you know that math concepts can be found in art? Look at famous masterpieces and discover how different mathematical concepts such as numbers, geometrical figures, space, symmetry, and more come together to create beautiful art.

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Ruffer's Birthday Party

Ruffer the puppy has never had a birthday party, and Nora is determined to make her best friend’s big day special! There’s a lot to do to get ready—and a few bumps along the way. But with effort and teamwork, Nora and Ruffer cook up a delicious celebration with all their friends!
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Who Eats First?

A BIG round peach has fallen to the ground. Six animal friends are eager to gobble it up, But which one will be the first to take a bite? Each animal wants to eat first—but there’s a delicious surprise ahead for all!

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The Flying Birds

An old man came to live in the woods. He started building nests there. Birds flew in one by one and soon the woods were filled with birds! This is a warm story about how the old man and the birds became happy together.

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TanTan Publishing Launching Event

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Kirkus Reviews on TanTan books

Kirkus Reviews, an American book review magazine posted a review on books by TanTan Publishing.


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