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TanTan Math Story

Interesting writing and beautiful illustrated stories Interesting and moving mathematical education through literature

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TanTan Math Story

TanTan Math Story

The first experience is very important in mathematics

To build a stable house called mathematics, Not only do you have to carefully build logic and thinking ability As well as learning mathematical concepts, But you must be able to feel awe and be moved By the meaning in the mathematical concepts.

TanTan HI Mathematical Illustrated Stories Allow children to meet Systematic mathematical concepts Linking kindergarten and elementary school mathematics courses

Through stories, sometimes interesting and humorous, And stories sometimes true and moving.


Mathematics in EverydayLife

It is easy to think that mathematical concepts are separated from our everyday lives. But mathematics cannot be thought apart from our lives. While the symbols and representation of mathematics can be very abstract, the information these symbols and representations contain express our daily lives and relationship between objects. Therefore, you learn that mathematics is a system of symbols invented for people to live and communicate with.

Interesting and Natural Mathematics

Tantan Mathematical Illustrated Stories seek to demonstrate the mathematical concepts in our daily lives simply and naturally. Through fictional stories, through real stories, and through stories combin- ing imagination and reality, children will be able to experience how people see and live in this world.

Mathematics Showing New Viewpoints and World View

Children who experience mathematical illustrated stories of various genres will naturally gain not only viewpoints on mathematics but viewpoints on life and a world view.

The Value

Literary approach to mathematical education


Although mathematics is an important method of solving many problems in everyday life, people lived along time without realizing that mathematics is related to their life. This is because they did not receive ‘meaningful mathematical experiences in their education. Mathematical illustrated stories are one of the educational approaches to create meaningful and tangible mathematics education experiences to children.

Mathematical illustrated stories change mathematics into stories to rouse the interest of children and pave the way for easy understanding of mathematics. Furthermore, children are able to gain confidence and a positive attitude towards mathematics through the problem solving, reasoning and communication processes they experience in the stories. Going further, they are able to gain mathematical creativity, mathematical problem solving skills and a mathematical spirit of inquiry.


TanTan Math Story books allow children to meet systematic mathematical concepts linking kindergarten and elementary school mathematics courses through stories, sometimes interesting and humorous, and stories sometimes true and moving.

From kindergarten to elementary school, systematic format of Mathematics is according to a new curriculum.

1. Interesting Mathematics (Math Fiction)
Goblins who like betting pigs, spiders who understand probability and government agents who are good at division! Unique characters and var- ied illustrations come together to open an interesting world of mathematics.
2. Thinking Mathematics (Math Nonfiction)
Centuries of history, the flow of time, arts and mathematics, music and mathematics? The curiosity of children is endless. We follow mathematical information step by step at children’s eye level.
3. Mathematics in Life (Math Faction)
Learn about the size of numbers through the long history of Chung Gye Chun, and learn about one-to-one function through the way abandoned cats find their mates. You learn that mathematics is not far away, but deep within our lives now.

Detailed Constructure

Mathematical concepts for children are divided into 5 major subcategories with Levels 1 and 2 linked to the kindergarten curriculum and Level 3 linked with the elementary school curriculum and increasing in level step by step.

Numbers and Operations (33 books):

The full range from number counting to number recognition, basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and their symbols.

Classifications and orders (books):

Learn to think logically

Diagrams and Space (8 books):

Learn to recognize the name and shape of solid and plane objects and distinguish between them in real life.

Regularities and Problem Solving (8 Books):

Learn to recognize the hidden regularities in the given task and employ it in mathematical problem solving.


Measurements (14 books):

Introduces various measurements by learning the differences between length, size, weight, quantity and area and learning to use various measuring tools.


Selected as textbooks for elementary school students in Mexico

Acknowledged by many publishers and illustrators from all over the world

Exported and read by children all over the world

One of Math titles, ‘The Flying Bird’ was awarded for the second place of 2007 Noma concours.