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Fast Farm and Slow Farm

Fast Farm and Slow Farm

Written by Min Jee Jung

Illustrated by Valeria Cis

Grandma Snail and Thump-Thump Giant have neighboring farms but use very different farming methods. Thump-Thump Giant grows big, beautiful produce quickly using chemicals. Grandma Snail slowly grows smaller produce naturally. When Thump-Thump Giant starts selling ready-made meals using preservative, Grandma Snail worries about his health.

Grandma Snail will inspire readers to eat simple, healthy food from their own garden or a local farmer’s market. In this colorful, inspiring story about where food comes from, readers will learn about the slow food movement and how to create a small farm garden at home.

  • $17.95(CAN $21.95)
  • ISBN 978-1-939248-20-6
  • (Size : 9″ x 11″)