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Grandma's Red Silk Dress

A pretty pouch is filled with gifts - and love.

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Grandma’s Red Silk Dress

Written by Young-ah Kim

Illustrated by Yoon-min Han

Grandma’s red silk dress that she brought when she got married is divided into parts as the years go by. Some parts go into making a quilt, others a tablecloth, a vest, and a lucky bag. Readers learn about parts and wholes through the story of Grandma’s red dress.


Elementary math concepts that relate to understanding the whole and parts expand this warm-spirited celebration of family and intergenerational love.

  • $16.95(CAN $19.95)
  • ISBN 978-1-939248-11-4
  • (Size : 10″ x 10″)

This picture book helps children learn about mathematical concepts through a colorful and entertaining story.

Math concepts explored may include:
  • Understanding math concepts
  • Numbers and operations
  • Explaining the idea of parts and whole by the story about a patchwork quilt and recycling cloth
About the Author - Young-ah Kim

Young-ah Kim studied education in college and wrote stories for children in addition to illustrating books. She is the author of The Little Pilot and Chubby Witch’s Necklace, among other titles.

About the Illustrator - Yoo-min Han

Yoo-min Han studied Eastern arts at Chugye University for the Arts in Seoul, Korea. Yoo-min has illustrated many children’s books.