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How to Avoid the Fearsome Cat


How to Avoid the Fearsome Cat

Written by Yoon Jeong Choi

Illustrated by Hyun Kyeong Shim

When fifteen mice living in a warehouse receive a threatening letter from the farmer’s cat, they gather together to decide how to protect themselves. The mice brainstorm for solutions and vote on different ideas to create a plan that will prevent the cat from attacking them.

Through intricate, quirky illustrations, readers will learn how to sort items and create bar graphs to organize ideas. Activities and questions will engage readers as they measure quantities, create bar graphs, and evaluate the information within this exciting story.

  • $16.95(CAN $19.95)
  • ISBN 978-1-939248-14-5
  • (Size : 10″ x 10″)

This picture book helps children learn about mathematical concepts through a colorful and entertaining story.


About the Author - Yoon Jeong Choi

Yoon Jeong Choi¬†majored in early childhood education from Ehwa Women’s University. She also won the grand prize from the MBC creative fairy tales tournament. Her books include SaerokSaerok Interesting worldwide old tales, Creativity home-study mterials Teach Coach, and You’re Wonderful PpiyoPpiyo.


About the Illustrator - Hyun Kyeong Shim

Hyun Kyeong Shim studied at SI Illustration School and has been working as an illustrator since 2003. Her illustrations can be found in stories such as Finding missing Daddy, The Button that popped, and Moon, Moon, What Kind of Moon.