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Juan's Sweet and Spicy Memory


Juan’s Sweet and Spicy Memory

Written by Hee Jung Yoon

Illustrated by Christopher Corr


Juan lives in Mexico, where his family owns a taco restaurant. When Juan goes to the Cinco de Mayo festival, he meets a tourist family from another country. Juan takes the tourists to his family’s restaurant and spends the day with them.


Readers will learn about Mexican culture and cuisine as Juan shows the tourists the best attractions and offers them the tastiest food. Readers will be inspired by this vibrantly illustrated story about the common language of food and play.

  • $17.95(CAN $21.95)
  • ISBN 978-1-939248-12-1
  • (Size : 9″ x 12″)



About the Author - Hee Jung Yoon

Hee Jung Yoon began writing novels and children’s books after studying Korean literature in college. She has also authored My Mom, Mrs. Bo Yim Choi, The Life Story as Told by Nature, When I Met Socrates, A Strange Man, Earth, Are You Alright?, Five-Thousand-Year-Old Art that Surprised the World, and Myeong-Shim-Bo-Gam, among others.


About the Illustrator - Christopher Corr


Christopher Corr was born in London and studied graphic design at Manchester Polytechnic and illustration a the Royal Academy of Arts. He has won art awards from several organizations and is currently illustration children’s books, stamps, and magazines. The illustrations’ vivid tone and simplistic characters bring out the sentiments of South America.