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Math at the Art Museum

Math makes beautiful art!

Math at the Art Museum

Written by Group Majoongmul

Illustrated by Yun-ju Kim

A family explores paintings and other masterpieces at the art museum. The paintings are brilliant—and many of them have mathematical dimensions, whether visible or hidden.

Elementary math concepts that relate to perspective, composition, symmetry, and other principles turn a stroll through the art museum into an eye-opening adventure.
  • $16.95(CAN $19.95)
  • ISBN 978-1-939248-03-9
  • (Size : 10″ x 10″)

This picture book helps children learn about mathematical concepts through a colorful and entertaining story.

Math concepts explored may include:
  • Understanding math concepts
  • Patterns and problem solving
  • Introducing mathematical concepts that are found in our surroundings to give children a fresh perspective on math: math in art
About the Author - Majoongmul

Majoongmul is a Korean word that refers to “priming water” poured into a pump to start the flow before pumping water from a well. Group Majoongmul is the name of the authors’ group that creates books that serve as the priming water within children’s hearts.


About the Illustrator - Yun-ju Kim

Yun-ju Kim majored in industrial arts in college and studied illustration in London. She enjoys creating illustrations while teaching at the university level.