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What Happened at Wizard School

The wizard needs some magic!

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What Happened at Wizard School

Written by Cecil Kim

Illustrated by Joo-yoon Lee

Bong Bong gets an sick. He must find ten symmetric objects in order to cure his illness. Learn with Bong Bong as he discovers symmetry in different things such as the school building, crystal ball and frogs.

Elementary math concepts that relate to space, shape and symmetry highlight a rollicking tale about the misadventures of a resourceful wizard.

  • $16.95(CAN $19.95)
  • ISBN 978-1-939248-02-2
  • (Size : 10″ x 10″)
This picture book helps children learn about mathematical concepts through a colorful and entertaining story.
Math concepts explored may include:
  • Understanding math concepts
  • Shape and space
  • Finding real-life examples of spatial and geometric symmetry
About the Author - Cecil Kim

Cecil Kim majored in child studies at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, Korea, and studied child psychology at its graduate school. She has written many children’s books.

About the Illustrator - Joo-yoon Lee

Joo-yoon Lee majored in fine arts at Hongik University in Seoul, Korea. She has illustrated many books for children and was honored with an award at the World Art University Art Festival in Hiroshima, Japan.